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Building Trust & Relationships with B2B Podcasts: A Powerful Addition to Your Marketing Mix

Podcast audiences share a common interest for in-depth content and expert insights. This trend is promising for businesses with valuable stories to share. After all, storytelling is a crucial part of both digital and traditional media today! Read on…


There’s an innate need to crave information that can be consumed on the go across industries and sectors. Enter podcasts: the audio revolution that’s changing the way we learn and engage. From true crime to business advice, podcasts have been exploding in popularity, offering a unique opportunity for businesses to reach new audiences and build stronger connections.

With this newsletter, my aim is to dive into the world of podcasting for businesses, exploring its benefits and strategic content marketing focus, primarily for senior professionals & trainers.

The Rise of Podcasts

I remember when I first started my podcast in Jan 2019, not knowing what the nuances are, and having NO background in radio. All I knew was content, communications, and of course moderating conversations with my background in this space. The technicalities of maneuvering through the conversation and later self editing, uploading, publishing etcetera, were grey zones.

The post podcast recording smile. Firsts are special 🙂

I was lucky, it was around the initial years of podcasting in India. I reached out to Author & former journalist, Sudha Menon, and she agreed. “Let’s record tomorrow?” she said. I was underprepared. But I didn’t want to say no either. Absolutely, let’s do it. The podcast was recorded on anchor (now spotify for podcasters) and was audio first. You could still tune in; I’ve retained it. Though I know I was not as confident and sounded a little fragile.

The story is different today. And my guess is you’re definitely more confident in your core area/subject than I was. And so, you’re in for a treat!

Over 2 billion people globally listen to podcasts each month [Source: Podcast Insights] In India alone, listenership has grown by a staggering 300% in the past few years [Source: India Today]! This surge in popularity is fueled by the convenience of on-demand audio – perfect for commutes, workouts, or catching up on chores.

So, who’s tuning in? Podcast listeners represent a diverse demographic, but a common thread is their desire for in-depth content and expert insights. This bodes well for businesses with valuable stories to tell. And let’s admit, we’re all telling stories on digital mediums or otherwise today!

Source: YouGov

Benefits of Podcasts for Businesses

I’ll drive straight to the point. If you are representing an organization, or drive a business, you’re starting a podcast with clear goals. I’d go as far as to say, there should be KPIs that you must consider, and factor in. My objective with the Voice of Achievers podcast was to build relationships across industries with CHROs, CEOs et al. Yours will definitely fall under either of the below categories:

Boost Your Brand Awareness: Podcasts put your brand voice front and center. Imagine a potential client hearing your passion for your field every week – that’s powerful brand recognition! (Rohan, a good friend of mine is a passionate cyclist, running a cycling podcast. He has nothing to do with sports journalism, at least academically. He laughed and told me once, “I was approached by a publication house asking for my opinions as someone with a strong voice within sports journalism.” Imagine that for something you want to be known for! Crazy, isn’t it?

Reach a Wider Audience: Podcasts aren’t bound by geographical limitations. Unlike local radio, your message can reach listeners across the country, or even globally.

Become a Thought Leader: Sharing your expertise through insightful conversations establishes you as an authority in your field, building trust and credibility with potential clients.

Deepen Customer Engagement: Podcasts foster a more personal connection with your audience. Listeners feel like they’re having a conversation with you, leading to stronger brand loyalty.

Provide Valuable Content (without Breaking the Bank!): Compared to traditional media, podcasts offer a cost-effective way to create high-quality content that informs and entertains your audience.

Almost like brewing that hot cup of coffee yourself; as opposed to the hasty and ‘jugaadu’ instant coffee! You know what I’m saying?

Flexibility is Key: Podcasts are easily distributed across various platforms, making them readily accessible to your audience. Plus, recording and editing tools are more affordable than ever, making podcast creation a realistic option for businesses of all sizes.

Strategic Uses of Podcasts in Business Marketing

You’re essentially marrying business goals with content marketing goals and midway with the podcasts, you must ensure the ties are stronger. (Some vows are forever, let this one be with your podcast)!

Content Marketing Powerhouse: Integrate your podcast with your existing marketing strategy. Promote episodes on social media, repurpose content into blog posts, and leverage transcripts for SEO benefits. This is actually a no brainer, and I definitely don’t need to tell you that you can simply optimize AI tools with your creative energies to make this work.

Expand Your Network: Invite industry experts onto your show. This not only provides valuable insights for your audience, but also builds relationships with other businesses in your field.

Yeah, well! Everyone is doing it! You can too. There’s room for everyone. If you want it to stand out though, there are tricks, but that’s a story for another day!

Showcase Success: Feature inspiring case studies and client stories to demonstrate the impact of your work. This builds trust and positions you as the go-to solution for your target audience.

Internal Communication Champion: Podcasts are a fantastic tool for onboarding new employees, sharing company updates, and fostering a sense of community within your organization.

Source : Midday

As someone who comes with an organizational behaviour and psychology background and having done this for a few, I kid you not, this will be the most interesting way to reach your team members and even potential candidates in the next recruitment cycle. This is HR 5.0 (it’s a random number, don’t go by the technicalities, the emotion, you’ve caught it, I can tell) 🙂

Case Studies and Success Stories

There are countless examples of businesses leveraging podcasts to achieve remarkable results. (In future newsletters, we’ll delve into specific examples and best practices; I’ll make sure, it’s fun, I promise!)

Getting Started with Business Podcasts

This is where shit gets real! Before you hit record, take some time to plan. Identify your target audience and tailor your content to their needs. Determine what success looks like for your podcast – is it brand awareness, website traffic, or lead generation? Setting clear key performance indicators (KPIs) will help you measure your progress.


Podcasts offer a powerful and strategic way to connect with your audience, build brand authority, and ultimately grow your business. So, are you ready to join the podcasting revolution?

Your podcast, Your own opera (See what I did there 😉

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